Time and Attendance Solutions

Time and Attendance Solutions

Time and attendance systems are an important managerial tool that allows employees to clock in and out either through manual or electronic means. These systems allow users to have an accurate account of who is at work, who is absent, who is leaving early and who is working overtime. This task becomes more difficult when employees come and leave at remote workplaces. However, there are modern solutions that make this task easier, but with so many choices, how do you know which one is good for your business.

The choices are endless;

Records work hours in a time sheet.

If you are a small business you may be thinking of the old fashion timecard, but with this cheap choice comes headaches, you will need to manually count each and every timecard and put it in a software or send it to the accountant, not only that but how do you know if your employees are not cheating on their timecard.

Or you may be considering a time clock with badge or keypad entry, this is a much better alternative. Your employees will need to carry their badge or enter their pin to clock in and out and the system may also be keeping count of hours worked, as an employer you may know about buddy punching. The concept of buddy punching is nothing new, as any labor management services professional can no doubt attest. It is nothing more than one employee asking a coworker to clock in or out for him, earning him or her pay for more time than he or she actually worked and helping avoid penalties for showing up late, leaving early, and so on.

I can go on and on with the issues many business owners faced when it comes to Time and Attendance, I understand that the issues are not just finding the right methods but also the right price. That’s why here at Software and Data solutions we do our research, we are dedicated to finding the right Solution for you.

Let us know what are some of the issues you as a business owner encounter when looking for a software for your business.

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